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Researcher uses stem cells to fight Alzheimer’s

Post Views: 485 For many years researchers at the University of Michigan have been injecting stem cells into mouse brains and coming up with remarkable discoveries. The experiments are among the first attempts to examine how stem cell therapies might alter the course of Alzheimer’s, a fatal disease that afflicts millions of people around the […]

Smelling good is beautiful

Post Views: 297 Wow she smells so good! Exclamations like this usually mean much more than the obvious; they stand equally for, “wow she’s beautiful!” Most of us knew this. Now, modern neoro-science has proved that the brain associates fine fragrances with beauty, even sex appeal! Meaning, that the Axe and the rest of the […]

Don’t ignore symptoms: It could be a mini stroke

Post Views: 297 Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is triggered by disruption in blood flow to certain parts of the brain for some time. It is also known as mini stroke as the symptoms mimic those of a stroke. According to Harvard Heart Letter December 2015, often people mistake such signs as indications of low blood […]

Vagus nerve stimulation: A ray hope for stroke patients

Post Views: 317 There is a new hope of improvement in the condition of people suffering from paralysis and weakness due to stroke. According to a study published in the journal, Stroke, conducted by researchers of UT Dallas, vagus nerve stimulation technology (VNS) aids the recovery of patients from stroke. The treatment has been found […]