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Patient Stories

We are happy because the doctor saved my mother

Gowramma Dr Venkataramana N K

Post Views: 786 For many months my mother felt constantly tired and had difficulty in even walking,” says the daughter of 70-year-old Gowramma. “A doctor in our Jayanagar neighbourhood prescribed an MRI, which revealed a tumour (tentorial meningioma). The doctor at Jayanagar-based Abhaya Hospital, referred her to the world renowned neurosurgeon at the Brains Hospital […]

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Brains has changed my life


Post Views: 721 This is the story of a 40-year-old patient of a serious brain disorder called right mesial temporal (RMT) sclerosis. In his own words the patient, Saneerappa A B, who lives on the outskirts of Bangalore, describes how his difficult battle with this serious condition took a dramatic turn for the better after […]

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How little Raiyaan found ‘healthy’ reasons to laugh


Post Views: 703 “Our son is free of all the symptoms that plagued him virtually from his birth thanks to Dr Venkataramana and his team at BRAINS” – Raiyaan’s parent Mohommed Raiyaan was just three months old when his parents first heard him burst into what seemed like uncontrolled, loud laughter. Instead of being happy, […]

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Awake Brain Surgery: The story of a young patient

Post Views: 1,088 On the morning of June 26 this year Mahipal Solanki, a 25-year-old home appliance entrepreneur lay on a bed, relaxing over his favourite Bollywood numbers. Hovering over him were faces covered in blue surgical masks, their deft fingers working inside his brain, removing deadly cancer cells. “I couldn’t feel any pain,” says […]

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Thanks to DBS, Parkinson’s patient is up and about


Post Views: 722 A 61-year-old patient of Parkinson’s disease approached us for help with symptoms ranging from progressively reducing mobility to difficulty in walking (bradykinesia), and tremors that chiefly affected his hands. He had been suffering from these degenerative symptoms for 15 years. Over the last four years, he had nearly lost his ability to […]

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Thanks for putting our lives back on track!

Post Views: 513 Mr Girija Prasad recalls feelingly, “for four years my wife, Vijaya, endured hell…often all it took was a mere touch or some noise to trigger it off…stabs of excruciating pain that would strike the right side of her face like violent electric shocks and leave her writhing in agony. Until then we […]

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“Back” to normal from the brink

Post Views: 583 “When the back spasms first hit me, I thought it was just a passing niggle—something that would settle down with some rest,” says 39-year-old Bangalore resident Ravi Kumar. “But that alas was not to be. The pain only kept getting worse until I could barely move at all. It was excruciating, immobilizing […]

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