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ICU is sacred space, enter only with positive energy

Post Views: 1,294 At ICUs, armed with a battery of gadgets, men battle fiercely for life, clinging to the faintest signs of hope and pushing science and skill to their extreme limits. In those super tense moments when intensivists fight with all their might to pull consciousness back into comatose brains, ICUs turn into a […]

Would you want doctors or chemists to decide the medicines you take?

Post Views: 1,355 Let me start by nailing the canard that the medical community is somehow allergic to the concept of prescribing medicines generically rather than by their brand names…that is, for example, prescribing Fexofenadine instead of ‘Allegra’ ‘Agimfast’ or `Alafree’. This is pure fiction far removed from reality; fact is that an overwhelming majority […]

Treating a 110-year young Saint

Post Views: 905 Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamiji of Siddaganga mutt is well known for his simplicity, austerity and exemplary saintly life and attributes. He is a role model to all saints and people in Karnataka adore him as The Walking God. At 109 he developed fever and jaundice due to obstruction of the common bile […]

Mind-Reading: An unending pursuit of divine powers

Post Views: 916 Even as global social media bellwether Facebook talks of a technology that may turn human thoughts into written words with no physical intervention, it is time to revisit the exotic space of mind-reading. For centuries humans have sought to read minds either with supra-natural mental powers, acquired through ages of tapasya, or […]

World Parkinson’s Day: Hope on the horizon

Post Views: 1,667 In the 200 years since James Parkinson wrote about the ‘Shaking Palsy’ in a seminal essay way back in 1817, the crippling movement disorder later named after him, has devastated the lives of millions of people around the world. Grimly enough, even as we head into another World Parkinson’s Day on April […]

Computers are no match for the Brain

Post Views: 5,117 Despite relentless scientific pursuit backed by powerful intellect and cutting edge technologies, mimicking the brain has proved beyond human capability. But undaunted by past failures, efforts to replicate the brain continue at leading-edge scientific facilities all around the world. Let alone creating an artificial brain, it has taken the combined might of […]

The futility of Bandhs

Post Views: 1,427 Late on Friday, pro-Kannada activists with tacit support of the state government announced that Bangalore would remain ‘bandh’ the next day to protest the Mahadayi River tribunal’s interim order, although it is common knowledge that bandhs have seldom served to alter the course of judicial thought. Alongside, the government stated that despite […]

Music and Brain

Post Views: 1,413 Just as innovative brains have contributed to the evolution of music, music too has had a huge influence on the evolution of the brain. Though there is sufficient evidence tracing the origins of music back to pre-historic times, the details remain hazy. However, there is no doubt that music did exist in […]

Music and Spirituality

Post Views: 1,146 Music enthralls the body, calms the mind and heightens our sense of pleasure, often carrying us on an ever rising tide of melody to levels of ecstasy, marked by a number of blissful emotions. Scientists have studied several neural structures that receive and spread the stimuli of sound through our minds and […]