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Bharatnatyam: Mind on its feet

Post Views: 7,312 Bharatnatyam is an Indian traditional dance, which quintessentially represents the traditional South Indian Dravidian culture. Arangetram is the entry into this specialized art and also dedication to Lord Nataraja the “dance” god in Indian mythology. Known for its postures and sinuous, intricate movements, coordinated with expression of face and the eyes. Highly […]

How smell works in humans

Post Views: 6,332 When love-birds refer to good chemistry, they may inadvertently be alluding to ‘pheromones,’ a chemical secreted by animals that triggers the phenomenon called ‘smell.’ Unlike other hormones, this chemical influences and changes the behaviour of other animals of the same species and has a role to play in interpersonal relations including sexual […]

Minor injury might spell serious trouble

Post Views: 9,804 If you have just banged your head getting into a car, walked into the top of a low door way or, simply slipped over in the street, take heed and see a doctor. For, latest research shows that even a minor head injury may result in impaired functioning of the brain and […]

People with epilepsy can lead a normal life

Post Views: 5,619 Epilepsy is a disorder that occurs due to electrochemical dysfunction in the brain . It is commonly known as “Fits”. Fits are one of the common Neurological problems that affects 100/100000 and 5 % of people will experience seizure at least once in their life time. Primarily every single neuron in the […]

trigeminal neuralgia

How to ‘face’ up to trigeminal neuralgia

Post Views: 6,210 In this blog post the chief neurosurgeon at BRAINS HOSPITAL gets under the skin of a disorder that causes extreme pain in the face and talks about how it can be cured completely with early diagnosis and treatment. Affecting the nerve that transmits sensory information from the eyes, mouth and jaw to […]

Why you must sleep to stay active

Post Views: 5,993 Lack of sleep is called insomnia. Pathological insomnia can lead to chronic sleep deprivation, increasing the risk of hypertension, diabetes, stroke, epilepsy and behavioural disorders. Patients tend to be inattentive during the day time affecting their productivity. Micro sleeps during day time can make them prone to accidents and professional hazards. This […]

All about pain

Post Views: 7,365 It is better to increase tolerance to pain and treat the source rather than treat the symptoms alone, says Dr N K Venkataramana It is common for executives to pop pills at the slightest provocation. Many keep a regular stock of pain killers at their workplaces and home medicine boxes. And they […]