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Vishala's husband - "We are extremely thankful to the entire team of doctor"

Early cerebral degenerative disease can be treated if diagnosed at the right time and administered correct treatment method and medications. 46 year old Vishala who is now back on her feet post her treatment at Brains Hospitals.

With a history of 3 episodes of focal seizures 1 month ago, cognitive decline, behavioral changes since 2 years, Vishala had come to Brains Hospitals.

She was diagnosed with Early cerebral degenerative disease. Post her treatment at the hospital her aggressive behavior reduced significantly and her walking has significantly improved. Vishala and her husband are now happy that she can hold things and walk. Vishala's husband says, "Vishala had become so weak that she was not able to hold a glass. After we got her to Brains Hospitals she is much better. We are extremely thankful to the entire team of doctors."


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