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Cerebral palsy

The remarkable story of Baby Haritha in the words of her mother

When Haritha was one-year-old, she was not able to identify or grasp any object. She was poor at recognizing people around her including her parents and was not able to comprehend spoken words. We were told that she was stricken with cerebral palsy—a phrase we had never heard before but was to become a part of our worst nightmares from that point in time.

After having knocked every door that we could imagine, we brought her to BRAINS in Bangalore and that proved to be an important life-turning moment in the little baby’s life.

A team of doctors at BRAINS led by Dr Venkataramana took charge of the case with compassion, not just medical knowledge. There was instant bonding that kindled hope in our hearts—a hope that we saw turning into reality over the next six months of stem cells therapy.

At the end of that period little Haritha began to identify her parents, identify and grasp objects. She now tries to imitate stories told by other children in single words. She is able to understand what is being told to her. If her father is not at home or is traveling, she wants to speak to him on the phone and say good night. She can recognize callers from a conversation and wants to talk to her father. Her comprehensive capacity has increased significantly.

There is still scope for improvement in her motor skills but she can now turnover on her own and follow any moving object. Haritha has shown greater improvement than other children in her class in the same period of time. We are thankful to BRAINS for giving Haritha a chance in life.

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