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Seeing is believing…meet a patient who recovered sight and hope in just a week

From complete loss of eyesight to 6/6 vision, the turnaround in the medical fortunes of 44-year-old Sindhu K B, a patient of pituitary tumour, may seem like an “act of god” to many. But to the super-specialists at BRAINS, it’s all in a day’s dedicated work! Yes, when this middle-aged woman from the small, picturesque town of Coorg reported at the hospital complaining of severe headaches and the loss of vision in the right eye on November 26, 2014, she was in despair. “I feared that I would never recover my sight,” she says. “I was in great pain and there seemed no way out.” “It is like rebirth for her,” says her 22-year-old daughter Shyma. “The doctors and the facilities at BRAINS were awesome.”

The story of Sindhu’s ‘rebirth’ started when she reached BRAINS and met its doctors led by it talismanic chief neurosurgeon Dr N K Venkataramana. “On evaluating her we were confident that with the right treatment she could bounce back to good health and recover her vision too,” says the doctor. Just about a week later, on December 3 to be precise, Sindhu proved that the confidence had been well-placed as she walked out of the hospital with a 6/6 vision and little sign of the disease that had tormented her for many months and plunged her life into darkness. “In these terrible months we consulted many doctors including an ophthalmologist,” says Shyma. “But she continued to only get worse that was until we came to BRAINS and saw Dr Venkataramana and the entire BRAINS team.”

Sindhu had been suffering for more than two years with bouts of severe headaches accompanied by fading eyesight, symptoms that led her to general physicians and ophthalmologists. “Since it appeared to be an eye-related problem, Sindhu went to eye specialists. Later, she visited a physician in Mysore who ordered several tests, which showed that the symptoms were because of a tumour. He referred her to BRAINS in Bangalore. “That proved to be the turning point in my mom’s life,” says Shyma.

“The treatment at the hospital was intense and swift. It filled me with hope that finally I could get back to leading a normal life,” says Sindhu. An MRI scan done on November 20 had revealed the presence of a solid/cystic sellar lesion with super-sellar extension and altered signal intensity. The lesion was predominantly cystic and the pituitary gland lay compressed against the sellar floor. It was clear that Sindhu was suffering from Pituitary macro adenoma (tumour of the Pituitary gland) and needed immediate surgical intervention. On November 27, the doctors performed an endoscopic surgical procedure that led to the macro adenoma’s resection (medical term for removal of a tumour by surgery).

Soon Sindhu began to feel better and started recovering her lost vision. On December 3 she was discharged. “We are grateful to the doctors at BRAINS for the outstanding care and treatment,” says Sindhu. “I have so much more to do in life like securing the future of my daughter. BRAINS has given me a second chance in life for all this.”

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