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How little Raiyaan found ‘healthy’ reasons to laugh

“Our son is free of all the symptoms that plagued him virtually from his birth thanks to Dr Venkataramana and his team at BRAINS”
– Raiyaan’s parent

Mohommed Raiyaan was just three months old when his parents first heard him burst into what seemed like uncontrolled, loud laughter. Instead of being happy, they sensed that everything was not normal with their child’s guffaw: it appeared to start without any reason and last for minutes on end. When these bouts became frequent his alarmed parents took him to doctors, who eventually diagnosed it as gelastic seizure, a rare type of fit that involves a sudden burst of energy, usually in the form of laughing or crying. The condition is associated with conditions like temporal and frontal lobe lesions, tumors, atrophy, tuberous sclerosis, hemangiomas, and post infectious foci, but mainly an unusual tumour called hypothalamic hamartomas, which is what doctors at BRAINS finally diagnosed as his root problem.

Until coming to the super-specialty neuro and spine centre in Bangalore, Raiyaan had been for years taking anti-epileptic medicines, which made very little difference to his deteriorating condition, which included symptoms like head banging, aggression and hyperactivity. The child was admitted on February 17, 2017 after a team of expert doctors at BRAINS aided by an MRI and other tests diagnosed it as hypothalamic hamartoma, which had to be treated surgically. Raiyaan went through endoscopic resection (an advanced surgical method for removing tumours) on February 20; just three days later the six-year old boy walked out of the hospital and into a new life, freed of his debilitating illness.

“The seizures would hit him 3-4 times a day and they were awful,” said his parents in a note they left behind at the hospital. “He would often pass out following an attack. Over time he had become hyperactive, weak and even aggressive. The medicines alleviated a few of the symptoms but could not stop the attacks. That’s when we heard of Dr Venkataramana from one of our friends and came to his Brains Centre.” Post-surgery, “our son is back to near normal and all those symptoms and trauma he suffered now seem like a bad history. We wish to whole-heartedly thank Dr. Venkataramana.”

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