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World Parkinson’s Day at Brains

Brains marks World Parkinson’s Day with Empowering Event

A galaxy of specialist doctors and experts shared empowering knowledge and information with patients and caregivers of Parkinson’s disease at the Brains Neuro Spine Centre in Bangalore at an event on the World Parkinson’s Day.

The day-long event witnessed sessions by senior neurologists, neurosurgeons, a mind-science expert and music and dance therapists focused on issues related to the diagnosis, treatment and management of Parkinson’s patients.

The event was dedicated to empowering the caregivers with knowledge, information and counsel required to provide effective support to the patients.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Usha Vasthare, a renowned neuroscientist and mind management expert said that it’s possible to mitigate many of the symptoms of the disease simply by changing the way we think. ‘When we condition our minds to think differently and positively with systematic, meditative and deliberate efforts, the structure of the brain itself changes,’ she said.

The human brain in its natural state is prone to thinking negatively, she said explaining her globally accepted ANT or automatic negative thinking theory. ‘Negative thoughts cling to our minds easily, by default. It’s like Velcro. Whereas when it comes to positive thoughts, our brain acts like a Teflon coated pan. They simply don’t stick!’

The founder and chief neurosurgeon, Dr Venkataramana spoke about Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) which has emerged as the Gold Standard surgical procedure for treating drug resistant advanced stage Parkinson’s disease. He also spotlighted the latest advances in the area of adrenal, embryonic and pluripotent cells transplant, which holds the highest promise of cure for PD.

Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon , Dr Murali Mohan dwelled upon the back problems associated with PD and the approaches for managing and treating them. He also described a stereotactic frame developed by him that enables doctors to simultaneously perform DBS on multiple sites of the brain.

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