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Unique Golden Hour workshop at Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan school

Golden Hour, the Bangalore-based initiative with a growing network of life-saving medical emergency centres across the city, organised a workshop at the school, designed to teach students and teachers the science of saving lives with the right first aid methods. The workshop was attended by a large number of enthusiastic children and their teachers who were witness to expert demonstrations and presentations. Golden Hour organises such events regularly with the motto of building a large mass of people with the skills and knowledge of responding appropriately to medical emergencies.


Message from His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Mahaswamiji Peetadhipathi of Sri Kailash Ashrama Mahasamsthana

The “Golden Hour” workshop organised by the founder of the Brains Neuro-Spine Hospital Dr. Venkataramana is an exemplary initiative for helping the common man save lives of people stricken by accidents and other medical medical emergencies by common man. At such workshops scores of people gain valuable knowledge and learn how to respond to medical emergencies, which might strike anyone at any time. We convey our blessings and invoke the grace of Matha Rajarajeshwari for the success of every such programme.
Devi Smrithi

Message from Shri Hayagreevachar, Hon. Secretary , Sri Janankshi Vidyaniketan
A brainchild of Dr Venkataramana, the founder of the Brains Neuro-Spine Hospital, the ‘Golden Hour’ training programme can help each of us save lives of people caught in a medical emergency.

Large scale participation in this initiative will prevent countless deaths and serious disability caused by medical emergencies. We appeal to everyone large to make use of this opportunity so that the country builds a large mass of people trained in handling emergency situations.

I pray to Matha Rajarajeshwari to bless Dr. Venkataramana and his team to conduct many more such programmes and render yeomen service to the humanity.

We hope also to have many more such training programs for our teachers and children in rural and urban schools.

We wish you all Good luck!

Message from Smt Jayalakshmi Prakash , Principal, Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan:

The eagerly awaited ‘Golden Hour’ workshop offered unique value to students at the school which hosted it. The event was conducted by Mr Shashi Kumar and Mr Sundresh who gave an excellent demonstration of the first-aid methods.

The demonstrations not only helped us learn the ‘right’ first aid methods but also unlearn the wrong methods, assumptions and notions.

Teachers at schools need to deal with medical emergencies like allergies, asthma, fits, fainting and choking. And thanks to this unique initiative our teachers learned the best and most effective ways of responding to such crises as well as others caused by common incidents like dog and snake bites. We learned also how to administer CPR and save lives of people stricken by potentially life-taking respiratory emergencies.

I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Venkataramana, Neurosurgeon, who leads the “Golden hour” training initiative. The presentation was informative and interesting. On behalf of the management and staff of Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan, I thank you and your team members for conducting a motivating and enlightening workshop in our school.

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