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Sri M’s Journey Continues through the mysteries of the brain

Following his best-selling title Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master, spiritual guru, humanist, thinker and intellectual powerhouse Sri M has published his second work, The Journey Continues, which was released by Union Minister Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad on April 22.

This eagerly awaited sequel is a compelling journey through the neural mysteries of the brain and its intriguing multi-layered relationship with the mind. The “vast realms of consciousness still undreamed,” in master novelist D H Lawrence’s world unravels through the riveting pages of The Journey spanning the vast hazy spaces between science and spirituality.

In his preface to the tome, leading neurosurgeon and founder of Brains, Dr Venkataramana notes that it is a “book with mind blowing information that defies modern science,” which continues to struggle to “pinpoint the abode of consciousness and the mystic world of the Mind. The fascinating experiences of the Living Yogi are a rich tribute and undeniable testimony to the unfathomable power, ability and expanse of the Brain-Mind Complex.”

Sri M’s uniquely secular take on the concept of ‘rebirth’ is both demystifying and liberating, moving it out of the narrow constructs of religion, race and caste. Rebirth can happen just about to anyone and several times through life, he argues in a convincing narrative that stresses on rediscovery and revival, peace and salvation in a world torn by petty strife.

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