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Sonia Singh: A real life story of guts and resolve

Being diagnosed with a serious brain disease can prove nerve-shattering to most. But well-known public face Sonia Singh was clearly made of sterner stuff. Not only did Sonia, a mother of a three-month infant when she heard about her condition, take the news in her stride, but she remained strong every step of the way. “She was a resolute ally in the treatment,” says her doctor the internationally acclaimed neurosurgeon, Dr N K Venkataramana who operated upon her. “She didn’t take one step back and remained positive and confident at all times.” Post-surgery she bounced back to her normal energetic way of life, winning the coveted Mrs India Karnataka title at a prestigious state pageant. “She is an inspiration and role model to anyone facing serious illnesses,” says the doctor. “I personally wish her good health and all the success in the future.” In a Facebook post, Sonia has written: “My heartfelt appreciation to Dr Venkataramana. Recovering from a major brain illness would not have been easy without the doctor his team of professionals.”

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