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Now a dedicated centre for chronic pain management

From medicines to music, the all-new advanced centre for chronic pain management at the Brains Hospital, is designed to help you conquer chronic pain with a unique multi-disciplinary approach. Headed by highly experienced specialists this first-of-its-kind centre is dedicated to miti-gating chronic pain that paralyses the lives of millions of people every year.

The centre draws on techniques from across disciplines — modern medicine, yoga, physiotherapy and even music — in a unique multi-fronted approach to battling extreme pain.
Any pain persisting beyond 3 to 6 months is called chronic. It is a com-plex, difficult-to-treat phenomenon, involving the nerves, the brain and the spinal cord. It occurs when nerves or nervous systems malfunction and keep signalling pain.

The leading-edge Chronic Pain Centre at Brains is designed to bring you relief and help you start living normally again.

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