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Conference on rare genetic disorder in Bengaluru

The Centre for Human Genetics along with DEBRA (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association) India organised a three-day global conference on Epidermolysis Bulosa (EB), a rare genetic disorder that afflicts around 1600 babies every year in India. The aim of the conference held in Bengaluru was to focus on a modern team-based approach to manage EB.

Speaking at the conference, Dr Sreemathy Venkataraman, Clinical Nutritionist & Chief Dietician at Brains Hospital, stressed on the importance of indigenous nutrient-dense food for managing EB in the Indian context.

She elaborated upon the criticality of nutrition and the role it plays in wound healing. She spotlighted many home-made nutritional supplements that are particularly effective.

The event brought together several scientific research teams, clinical doctors, genetic experts and paramedics from countries around the world, including UK, Chile, Singapore and India, on one platform.

The first two days witnessed a plethora of scientific sessions. On the last day, the experts addressed all queries on the management of EB, including wound care, dressing, feeding issues and foot, eye and dental care.

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