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Brains stroke screening clinic a big success

Coinciding with the World Stroke Day on October 29, Brains a flagship centre for advanced Level-3 neuro and spine care based in the heart of Bangalore, organised a number of activities designed to create awareness about ‘brain attack’, a serious neurological condition that can death and disability if not treated expertly on time. The centre ran also an exclusive stroke clinic from Oct 21 to Nov 1 where dozens of out patients with stroke-like symptoms or at risk of suffering from a brain attack were screened at a special highly discounted price. Millions of people in India are stricken by brain attacks every year, many of them either succumb to the disease or are severely disabled, causing massive social distress. Brains is at the forefront of a concerted campaign to prevent or, at the least, mitigate this avoidable tragedy with the motto that with regular screening and awareness the incidence of stroke can be reduced dramatically and those who suffer from it can be effectively treated, improving their and quality of life. The centre is equipped with the latest technology including the one-of-its-kind Zeihm Fluoroscopy machine and matchless expertise to diagnose, treat and manage stroke and other related neuro issues. For more information click here

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