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Brains-Sparsh Hospital hosts Frontiers in Medicine-2018 event

Sparsh Hospital in association with Dignity Foundation, a Mumbai-based organisation dedicated to offering life-enriching services to senior citizens, organised an eventcalled ‘Frontiers in Medicine-2018’ at the Brains Sparsh Hospital on Infantry Road in Bangalore on January 19.
The event saw enthusiastic participation of over a 100 Dignity Foundation members, all of them above 60, through an eventful day packed with interesting sessions. Dr Sharan Patil, Chairman of Sparsh Hospital conducted a fascinating session on hip attack that dealt with the importance of having a healthy hip and the ways to maintain it.
Stressing on the importance of the first hour immediately after a medical emergency, also known as the golden hour, for the chances of a patient Dr NK Venkataramana, Founder and Chief Neurosurgeon, Brains Hospital, invited members of Dignity Foundation to acquire training in basic life support techniques, which is conducted by his not-for-profit initiative, also named Golden Hour.
He said “Brain attack is the number-one cause of disability today, mainly because patients do not receive treatment at the ‘right’ time. It is, therefore, crucial to spread awareness about providing the right care to victims within the golden hour.”
In plain, easy-to-understand words, the doctor elucidated the importance of brain and its functions to a rapt audience of senior citizens. He shed light on the many breakthrough advances in diagnostic and treatment procedures that have taken neuroscience to a different plane of technological sophistication.
He stressed also on the importance of a balanced diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise, avoiding toxins and meditation to keep the brain healthy.

Frontiers in Medicine-2018
Frontiers in Medicine-2018

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