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Brains opens exclusive neuro-oncology centre in Bangalore

In yet another significant step to extend the frontiers of Gold Standard neuro care, Brains opened an exclusive Neuro Oncology Centre at Cytecare Cancer Hospital in Bangalore on February 25. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to provide comprehensive solutions for all types of brain cancers.

From advanced diagnosis to the latest in invasive, non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment, the Brains Neuro Oncology Centre heralds a breakthrough in the area of contemporary cancer care.

Led by world famous neurosurgeon Dr N K Venkataramana, a highly experienced team of super specialists will work with the latest in technology at this centre to offer patients of all age groups their best chance of surviving complex cancers and leading a good quality life.

There is sufficient data to show that the incidence of brain tumours is on the rise everywhere. In underserved nations like India, accessing quality treatment for these lethal cancers remains a huge challenge. Brains, a super-specialty neuro-spine hospital, is dedicated to changing this status quo by widening its reach.

Among the services offered at the new specialised centre are clinical evaluation, neuro imaging, highly advanced diagnostics, neurosurgery, neuro-immuno oncology, stereotactic surgery and neuro-pathology.

In pace with the growing prevalence of brain tumours molecular oncology has made rapid strides around the world. The Brains Centres offer the latest in molecular medicine to battle cancers.
Doctors at the new Center are available for out patient consultation from Monday to Saturday.

For appointments call +91 9148080000 or Email us on [email protected]

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