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Brains & BMTC run joint safety campaign across Bangalore

“Fasten your seatbelts, Get a grip on life” the message was loud and clear and it rang across the city of Bangalore, draped around a large fleet of BMTC buses on the World Health Awareness Day on March 20.

The state’s transport majors and the Brains Hospital are working together on many fronts to make mobility much safer for people across Karnataka including a programme under which the social arm of Brains Hospital, Golden Hour, trains hundreds of bus drivers in essential life-saving first-aid techniques.

The latest campaign was part of the larger effort to prevent deaths and crippling disabilities caused by road accidents and head injuries in particular. As many as 200 BMTC buses were used for the campaign, which was made possible only owing to the active cooperation of top officials at the two transport organisations.

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