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Brains acquires state-of-the-art surgical microscope

Brains acquires state-of-the-art surgical microscopeAs part of its mission to offer Gold Standard neuro and spine care, Brains has acquired an advanced surgical microscope from Leica GmbH, a Germany-based world-leading manufacturer of high technology precision imaging equipment. The world over microsurgery, enabled by such advanced microscopes, has redefined neurosurgery, making it much safer and infinitely more precise.

The neurosurgery microscope acquired by Brains is a marvel of engineering and ergonomics, combining high-quality customizable optics and brilliant illumination with a dynamic design that offers the greatest possible freedom of movement to surgeons. Microsurgery has vastly improved outcomes in cranial and spinal surgical disciplines all across the world.

Following the acquisition Brains founder and chief neurosurgeon, Dr N K Venkataramana said that ”the new microscope is another symbol of our continuing effort to push the frontiers of neurosurgery, aided by leading edge technologies.”

The latest acquisition at Brains offers outstanding magnification and illumination. Its powerful onboard computer systems enable quick adjustments in focus, speed and essential angulations, key elements in neurosurgery. The microscope comes mounted on an aerodynamically designed balancing stand, which makes it extremely manoeuvrable and facilitates ease of movement.

The advanced microscope gives surgeons a brilliant, 360 degree view of the insides of the brain and its complex neural structures. Every shady nook and corner of the brain comes to illuminated life under the microscope, adding tremendously to the ability of neurosurgeons to navigate the fine filigree of super sensitive nerve structures that make up the human brain and spine.

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