“BRAIN VOICE,” is being brought out by the BRAINS Hospital for the past two years and the 12th edition of the second year has now been published. This is the last edition of this year. The 24-page monthly magazine costs Rs.20/-. It is also available online at https://brainshospital.com/brain-voice. The patrons can pay the subscription amount through RTGS or NEFT. The annual subscription is Rs.240/- and please add Rs.60/- towards postal charges. The subscription amount could be transferred to Axis Bank Account No.919010047372470, in the name of Comprehensive Trauma Consortium.
This edition comprises five articles each in Kannada and English. This edition is the first one after the Government of Karnataka granted recognition for the periodical. 12 editions were brought out previously on a pilot basis. Thus, BRAINVOICE newsletter is entering its third year. Profit is never a motive for this publication. The primary objective is to create awareness among the general public. We are grateful to the encouragement and patronage of the readers.
We lay emphasis on articles related to contemporary developments in the field of medical science, particularly neuroscience and women. BRAINS cares for everyone’s health. In the 1940s, India was plagued by contagious diseases such as Plague, Cholera, Malaria, Measles etc., which claimed a large number of lives. People were helpless at that point of time since they had no access to medical facilities. They were falling prey to these deadly diseases without any fight. While we have conquered and almost vanquished these disease, road accidents have come to occupy their place as the giant killer. BRAINS Hospital is making every effort to minimize the number of road accidents and create awareness in this regard. This is the goal of this publication also. The “Brain Wave” in this edition concerns about the sensitivity of child’s brain. This article focusses on the responsibility of parents in ensuring mental health of their wards.
The Government of India recently brought out `Motor Vehicles (Amended) Act, 2019.’ The amended law provides for levying hefty fines for traffic violations. The editorial refers to this amendment and argues that it is not advisable to reduce the quantum of fine just to appease people.
“The Great People” series this time comprises a piece about renowned composer Sri Annamacharya. Attempts have been made to throw light on the life and achievement of Sri Annamacharya. The article also refers to Sri Gurujada Madhusudhana Rao who has dedicated his life for propagating the compositions of Sri Annamacharya.
October is observed as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” Dr. Shobha Venkat has contributed an article on breast cancer, sans medical jargon. She explains about the symptoms and treatment for this disease.
BRAINS Hospital (Bangalore Regenerative Advanced Institute of Neurosciences) has been selected for Times Excellence Award 2019. Former Lokayukta Sri Santosh Hegde conferred the award on Dr. N. K. Venkataramana, the founder of the said hospital. Dr. N.K. Venkataramana delivered a talk on the facilities available at BRAINS for treating accident victims.

In the column titled “Sannidhi,” Dr N.K. Venkataramana shares his experience of pilgrimage to Badari in the company of the spiritual teacher Sri M. The piece brings out the serene beauty of Rudra Prayag. The poet in Dr. N.K. Venkataramana has found an expression in this piece.

Review by Dr K.R. Kamalesh
Honorary Editor, BRAIN VOICE
Mobile: 9448793346