Happy New Year for the patrons of BRAINVOICE

Dear Readers,
We are now bringing out the last issue of 2019. We wish you a happy New Year 2020. We are grateful for your patronage. Your BRAINVOICE periodical has successfully completed two years and is entering its third year. The November-December 2019 issue is now in your hands.

This issue comprises a total of five articles. The feature column “Mind Wave” speaks about relaxing the spine by performing “Cat and Camel” Asana. This Asana also relaxes your mind.

The editorial of this issue deals with the problems arising out of reckless spitting particularly in public places. Dr N.K. Venkataramana introduces the readers to “Neurosurgery” a critical and complex procedure in neurology. He has spoke about various aspects of neurosurgery in this article. Dr. Shobha Venkat discusses about premature birth of babies and its consequences, a problem plaguing the contemporary society. She has looked at the issue from the perspective of a gynaecologist. The article reminds the duty of the individual, parents and the government towards such babies. World Prematurity Awareness Day is observed on November 17. Similarly, November is also the month of creating awareness about epilepsy. Dr. E.V. Joshi explains about the various types of epilepsy and their treatment. As many as 1.20 crore people in India have epilepsy.

The last article “Sannidhi” is about the pilgrimage experience of Dr. N.K. Venkataramana couple with spiritual guru, Master ‘M.’ The doctor couple has been to Badari. The readers are taken through “Karnaprayaga” and “Nandaprayaga” the two places named after Karna, a philanthropic tragic character in Mahabharatha and Nanda, the adopted parent of Lord Krishna respectively.

All these articles are in Kannada and English. The issue comprises a t total of 24 pages and all pages have been printed on art sheet in four colours. The cover page has been laminated.

The bimonthly issue of second edition is priced at Rs.30. Henceforth, the price of each issue will be Rs. 30 (annual subscription is Rs.400/-). We have already declared that there is no commercial intention behind bringing out this periodical. The subscription and other proceeds from the magazine is being credited to Comprehensive Trauma Consortium, which extends monetary assistance for treatment of patients with neurology issues. The subscription may kindly be sent to:

Account Name: Comprehensive Trauma Consortium
Account No: 919010047372470
IFSC Code: UTIB 0002969
Branch: Double Road Indiranagar.

Review by Dr K.R. Kamalesh
Honorary Editor, BRAIN VOICE
Mobile: 9448793346