The Comprehensive Trauma Consortium Trust is bringing out BRAIN VOICE News Letter - in English and Kannada. The third edition of the second year (January 2020) is now in your hands. The Trust is headed by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. N.K. Venkaramana. He is also the editor of the news letter.
The present edition comprises eight articles each in Kannada and English. The regular feature “BRAIN WAVE” this time deals with perils of smoking. It explains succinctly put profoundly, the adverse effects of smoking on the functioning of the brain.
Last month, Bengaluru hosted Indian Science Congress (from January 6). Coinciding with the event, the Dr. N.K. Venkataramana, in his editorial has effectively established that culture of science is as important as science itself. The second article is very interesting one. Here, Dr Venkataramana has traced the research on Parkinson’s Disease conducted between 1817 and 2018. This article was a subject matter of academic debate in the Science Congress.
The title of the article is: “200 years of Scientific Research on Parkinson’s Disease.” It traces the detection of this disorder for the first time in 1817 by Dr. James Parkinsons, the evolution of treatment methods till “cell therapy” being practiced by Dr. Venkataramana. This article has relevant photographs. The Kannada version of this article is simple, without any medical jargon and consists of sub-heads so that readers can comprehend the subject with ease.
Dr. Srimathi, in her special column gives valuable information on “Neuro Nutrition.” Four neuro experts from BRAINS hospital and ONNSA presented research papers in the recently held Indian Science Congress in Bengaluru. The four experts are: Dr. N.K. Venkataramana, Dr. E.V. Joshi, Dr. N.R. Sudheendra Rao and Kaveena Ganapathi. Prof Geetha Bail, the member of Indian Commission of Unesco had chaired the session. The topic of the session was “Newer Developments in the Field of Neuro Science”. An article introduced the reader to “Alovedas” unit in BRAINS hospital. This unit blends Ayurveda and Allopathic form of treatment for rehabilitation and revival of neuro-patients –both outpatient and inpatients. It is the conviction of Dr. Venkataramana that extending medical assistance to accident victims or those in medical emergencies during “Golden Hour” helps save his life or prevents the patient from suffering permanent disability. His intention is to provide medical aid to the person in distress without exploiting him or his relatives. Lakhs of lives could be saved if awareness is spread about measures to be taken during “Golden Hour.” With this objective, Golden Hour, a unit of BRAINS, has been conducting awareness drives. An insight to these activities is given an article in this edition.
“Stroke” or “Paralysis” is becoming a common neuro issue which is now becoming more prevalent. It is a deep-rooted belief in our society that Allopathy has no proper treatment for this issue. However, proper and timely treatment debunks this myth. The patient can resume his normal activities within days if not hours. With this objective, BRAINS hospital has set up a “Brain Stroke Unit.” The next article gives a case history of a patient who availed of best treatment and has resumed his normal life.
Each article in this edition is accompanied with relevant photographs. The edition is mat-laminated. We have made attempts to simplify research articles so that they reach people. Twenty-four pages have been printed in four colours. The annual subscription for this periodical is Rs. 400/-
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Review by Dr K.R. Kamalesh
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