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The Mission “Of Golden hour”

Golden hour is an initiative of Brains, to create awareness, prevention, response, and standardization of Emergency care and life saving measures. Mass casualty management is one of the important objectives. Managing Mass causality is altogether a different ball game, with many challenges, like process, protocol, training, resources, execution, monitoring and quality controls. Golden hour has evolved a protocol to address the above challenges systematically.


The incessant rains caused havoc in Coorg and Kerala this year leading to mass casualty. “Golden hour” responded to this effectively. The mass casualty wagon is a unique invention, to implement the operations in large scale at ease. The wagon fully equipped with drugs, paramedics, doctors was sent to Kerala on 21 August 2018. The team reached Paravurtaluka on 22nd morning. After reporting to the local government and health department gathered more manpower and proceeded to “Gothunuth, Katalvathuruth, and Thiruthipuram” areas to provide rescue and medical help.

A team of 6 Paramedics, 6 Doctors in two shifts provided immunization and medical aid to nearly 300 people. They distributed the antibiotics, antipyretic, analgesics along with the prophylactic immunization. Many were evacuated the designated camps.

Despite the rains and road blocks the mission was accomplished much to our satisfaction and gratification.

Saving lives is the commitment of the “Golden Hour”

Dr.Venkataramana N K
Founder & Chief Neurosurgeon
[email protected]

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