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Unprepared Readiness

The world has witnessed many epidemics over the centuries. Humanity has gone through it at different times during the process of evolution and development. I still remember the story of plague as told by my grandfather who had been a direct witness. I believe all the people were quantised outside the village. The villages affected were recognised by some symbols displayed on the trees at the entry points. This was to shun away people from coming into the village. The fall members used to carry food and leave those camps once a day. Those days there were no diagnostics or vaccines. Some local experts used to go and give native medicines. If they recover they came back to village , if not they were put to fire. From this level we have came a long way, but we are still far from any good solution. In my childhood all the viral infections were treated with isolation in the house and a vessel with turmeric water and neem leaves were kept. Whoever came from outside had to sprinkle those water and then enter the house. The person affected were given good turmeric bath and were made to eat bitter neem leaves.

Today we are affected with a pandemic, a virulent virus “ Corona”. It has spread across the globe regardless of borders taking a toll on human lives, economy affecting the overall morale. Interestingly in 2015 Mr Bill Gates in his TED talk addressed the issue that our future problem will be the viruses causing pandemic and the world is not prepared for it. He had such afore thought based on the analysis of Ebola infection and also talked about the possibility of Bioterrorism then. He also said that the world got diverted to combat nuclear weapons and we have forgotten all other threats which is true today. I was told in USA the school children were taught how to protect themselves from nuclear bombing when it happens, how to stay in basements and to store food in basement etc. But we have failed to give similar training to face the biological threats and hygiene. As a result the world is taken by surprise and totally unprepared. This way the distinction of developed and developing has become a relatively grey zone. Now we know that “we are as good as our Neighbours”.

Hence, this must bring us together in creating preparedness both to come out of this crisis as well as to be prepared for the future.We all must introspect and evolve for the welfare of future generations. It is time to bring out global policies to face such threats unitedly, by sharing and caring for each other. We must learn from each other’s experiences and use it effectively locally too.

“ Health is wealth and Health for all” have become the eternal slogans . This pandemic has made us realise that health is a global problem and wellness should be a local goal. Health should become a global topic with participation of every country to formulate a robust policy and each country should execute and monitor. The international bodies have to be revamped and made more effective. Even in our country it should be “Heath and Family wellness”, health should be dealt at national level by the policy makers and family welfare should be the responsibility of medical professionals. More emphasis on hygiene and central reserves must be implemented. Swatch Bharath must be enforced by law till it becomes a habit like in Japan. Unlike previous budgets health should be viewed at a larger level. The preparedness should be with a larger vision and scope that will keep us ready in future.

Despite all these, the steps taken by the Central Government is timely and laudable. We must salute Sri Narendra Modi the Prime minister of India for leading the country to the safest haven amidst all the limitations, diversities and uncertainties. But if we look at the global scenario, Covid-19 has taken a huge toll on human lives, social life, business, tourism and on economy. Therefore priority should be for preparedness. Then based on the analysis of the situation, suitable solutions can be implemented.

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