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What Ganesha is to Me

We worship Lord Ganesha particularly at the start of any new task because he the Adipathi is known to remove all obstacles. He is supposed to bring good luck, inspire noble thoughts and eliminate all hurdles and obstacles.

The principle is to always wish for happy tidings, a blessed zone where thoughts turn into nobility and the resulting act becomes noble. Metaphorically, his big head signifies lofty thought full of wisdom and knowledge and his large body good health andfitness. In other words, Lord Ganesh is the ultimate epitome of a strong mind and a fit body, the basic ingredients of any achievement.

His posture stands for unshakeable stability. The association of good food with this God underlines the importance of a healthy body and nutrition. The depiction of a mouse as his vehicle is meant to represent his flexibility and ease. The story of his origin is a mythological saga of the superior power of creation of God. It represents the very macrocosm of creation involving unlimited power.

Human beings represent the microcosm in a macrocosmic universe figuratively represented by the might of an elephant. For a neurosurgeon, he is the representation of the successful first brain (Wisdom Transplantation). That is the transfer of energy from one form to another without any loss or gain, signifying that all living beings share the same cosmic energy. Normally we pray using a variety of resources from nature like leaves, grass, flowers and fruits without any discretion, symbolizing our worship of nature.

I personally offer prayers to him early every morning for to make my day successful and at beginning of every surgery.In Hindu belief each God has an assigned portfolio, Shiva (pashupathi), Brahma (vedapathi), Shanmuga (senapathi), sun (grahapathi), moon (tarapathi), Adishesha (phanipathi), Samudra (jalapati), Meru (parvatapati).

Ganesha is believed to have had two wives: Siddhi representing perfection and Buddhi (wisdom), the very qualities that a neurosurgeon most requires. Praying to him has great significance. As a child, I saw him as a toy. I played with clay and even made him. As I grew up, I came to understand the mythology behind the God and now understand the importance of the symbolic representation of cosmic energy

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