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Latest advances in brain tumour surgery

Brain tumours occur due to excessive growth either of brain substance proper or of its surrounding meninges or blood vessels. Once these tumors reach a particular size they begin to compress the brain tissues around them causing neurological symptoms like seizure, progressive paralysisand sensoryloss,visual loss, hearing impairment and walking difficulty.

These tumors also cause headache which classically subsides with vomiting. Brain tumors can be diagnosed with MRI scan accurately. Recent advances such as functional MRI and tractography provide very valuable information regarding the functional areas of the brain and displacement of various nerve fibers inside the brain. This helps in planning surgeries with greater accuracy and safety. Brain tumors can affect people of any age group starting from children to the elderly.

Technical advances in recent years have made neurosurgery absolutely safe. Even if the tumor is vascular it is possible to do pre-operative embolization to reduce vascularity and thereby reduce blood loss and the amount of blood that needs to be transfused. Operative microscopes, neuronavigation, Intra-operative electro-physiological monitoring are the other special gadgets which help the surgeon to make the surgery very precise, safe and minimally invasive.

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