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Cerebral angiography: Brains brings technology marvel to Bangalore

The visualization of blood vessels of the brain and the blood flow within is called cerebral angiography. Egas Moniz has been credited for the discovery of this wonderful technique in 1927. Before the advent of CT Scan and MRI, angiography was the mainstay for diagnosing brain lesions. During the 1980s when I was training, angiography was the only major diagnostic tool available. Displacement of various blood vessels in the brain was used as a clue to identify the side and location of tumors or blood clots in the brain and the operations were planned accordingly.

Over years in the wake of several advances angiography techniques have become far more sophisticated and now it is an important treatment option for blood vessel diseasesof the brain. These include blocks of different sizes within the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain (stroke), bleeding (brain haemorrhage & sub arachnoid haemorrhage), abnormal development of blood vessels (vascular malformations) ballooning of blood vessels (aneurysms) and tumors related to blood vessels. All these can be diagnosed and treated without an open surgery with endovascular surgery.

In the procedure a sophisticated machine is used for passing a fine catheter through the blood vessel of the thigh all the way into the blood vessels of the brain. A special contrast medium is injected, which is detected by X-rays mapping the blood vessels and the blood flow. Fine magic catheters are then used totreat such complex diseases without open surgery.

“BRAINS” is the first hospital to acquire the sophisticated German made Zeihm angiography suite facility for its operating room. “ This offers state-of-the-art technology helps doctors treat several diseases of the brain without an open operation. Since it is mobile and located within the operation theater, the machine helps surgeons assess the integrity of blood vessels and blood flow in real time. This machine comes loaded with complete digital control featuring innumerable, versatile features, which enables doctors to provide the best treatment options for all neuro-vascular diseases quickly and precisely.

Dr K J Harsha a leading neuro-endovascular surgeon and stroke and advanced neuro-imaging specialist is creating a 24/7 stroke treatment program at Brains, Infantry Road. He is trained extensively in the modern management of stroke in Canada. Brains now has a full-fledged, state-of-the-art treatment program for stroke and brain attack.

Cerebral angiography - Brains brings technology marvel to Bangalore

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