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The divine power of music

Music is godly—a celestial path to attaining and experiencing divinity. From times immemorial, the idea of humanity has resonated with music in much the same way as it has with divinity. Every known culture on earth has had its own music, making it almost as fundamental to life as walking and talking.

Though details are hard to come by, the discovery of flutes carved out of bones points to the existence of music from pre-historic times. Personally, I feel the universe is filled with music and music in turn influences the universe.

Music influences the body, brain, mind and the soul at several experiential levels that are deeply and uniquely human… elevation, salvation, self-realisation and attainment. Music seems to influence every animate and inanimate object in universe. Sages and eminent musicians were able to modify not only human nature and emotions but also universal phenomenon through the power of the Ragas, which could even melt hard stones.

Every human brain, irrespective of age, perceives and responds to music. Different kinds of music can influence the brain differently. Similarly, different varieties of music can emanate from the brain depending upon the situation and mood.

Music can be intentional, often deliberately produced as a part of celebrations. It can equally be unintentional like farmers breaking spontaneously into a rustic ballad while tilling their fields obviously owing to the power of music to heal, refresh and energise tired bodies.

Since the inherent cosmic energy in music seems to influence the nerves directly, people of all ages are influenced. It’s fascinating to see similar influence on animals too.

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