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Music with cloud seeding

Dr K J Yesudas, well known classical and playback singer, set the right vibrations at the 77th Sri Ramanavami celebrations in Bangalore. The concert began on a warm summer day in a venue crammed with a large gathering of music aficionados. The atmosphere was electric if a little oppressive. However, no sooner did the master singer’s magical voice waft into the air, then the skies opened up sending out gusts of chilled breeze that appeared to compete for the seats

It was amazing to see the 75-year-old reel out song after melodious song through the concert without missing a beat despite his advancing age. His famous baritone voice interplayed with the thunders in the skies creating a divine duet that appeared to be fit for the gods. This was Yesudas at his consummate best, serving out a sumptuous feast of devotional and popular numbers that united the terrestrial and the celestial on a plane of uplifting art and sent his fans into cloud nine.

Music has an innate ability to move the living and the non-living too as a universally unifying force. Through ancient history, many sages have demonstrated this magical power of music through their renditions. Very few musicians indeed can soar to such rarefied planes where the soul appears to unify the micro and microcosms (jeevatma and paramatma). Sri Yesudas is one such (musical) Saint and a living legend.

It was completely humbling to be in the presence of such transcendent talent, I felt privileged indeed to have got an opportunity to honour the great singer. The unwavering dedication, passion, sincerity, discipline, uprightness and respect to all traditions and faiths of Sri Yesudas must stand as an exemplary example for all of us.


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