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Golden Hour

Let’s aim for a safe 2015

It is time to welcome the New Year with all enthusiasm. In a few hours from now we will be all ushering in 2015 and bidding farewell to 2014. As we do so let us collectively resolve to ensure that 2015 is a happy, healthy, safe, progressive and prosperous year. No doubt this needs celebration but certainly not at the cost of our safety. Let every individual celebrate this great moment and share the joy and festivity with all his friends and relatives—but SAFELY.

Every year dozens of people die in road accidents on this joyous night because the ‘spirit’ of revelry crosses the line of safety. Driving after drinking and other such acts of ‘revelry’ can turn New Year nights into a nightmare for your near and dear ones.

As a Neurosurgeon year after year I have watched with terrible pain scenes of young people being wheeled into casualties dead or nearly dead, of grief-stricken people crying inconsolably, of shattered families and devastated homes. Let us not be the cause of such trauma and vow to celebrate with responsibility.

It is a collective responsibility that all of us must share: parents, spouses and teachers to restrain our children and friends from crossing the danger mark.

It is easy enough to enjoy New Year parties without any risk. Just follow the following do’s and don’ts.

  1. Be in a safe place
  2. Avoid drinking if possible
  3. If not then make sure you don’t drink excessively and get DRUNK
  4. Avoid cocktails and drugs
  5. NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol
  6. Do not driving during the Wee hours
  7. Follow safety rules at all times: helmets, seat belts, traffic rules and other safe driving practices

In addition, in light of security threats, you need to be attentive and remain alert to any suspicious behaviour or happening. Any accident can lead to brain damage causing death or permanent disability. India’s greatest resource is its human resource. Unfortunately, more people die in accidents in India than anywhere else in the world. It is time that we woke up to this preventable and avoidable threat and make India a SAFE INDIA.

In case of emergency please dial for an ambulance or 080-24242424 for help.

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