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Commercial Biscuits/Drinks in the market – a boon or a bane

What prompted me to write this post ?? Well, I came across a post where some public health experts in India have urged a popular actor in the country to dissociate himself in recommending a particular brand of commercial biscuits to children. WHY? It undermines nutrition from natural foods for children and this particular brand biscuits is loaded with 32gms of sugar in a 100gms biscuits.WELL it is high time we woke up from the continuous advertisements of food products in television commercials, print media that are misleading.

We are fed a continuous crap of food endorsements by popular actors and actresses that claims the particular drink either gives you strong bones, energy, makes you tall, smart and your kids a SUPER KID with the BEST BRAINS and stamina for everything under the Sun. Forget about your genes and hard work just sip the commercial drink or eat these biscuits before you send your child to school, or after school sports activity. Some even claim do not give the drink just once but more than once a day and not just before exams.

Now that school is reopened and kids are back to school and the pressure for the children whether they are in preschool/middle/high school or higher secondary to perform well in their studies, sports is high irrespective of their age -“RIGHT NUTRITION” from natural foods like fruits, veggies, cereals, millets, pulses,dal, legumes and natural sweetening agents like jaggery, palm sugar, dates will go a long way in ensuring your kids will have a balanced nutrition for a healthy body and mind with better focus, energy and stamina. THINK many times before you buy a product, read the Nutrition label, check the ingredients and the nutritional value and then decide whether to buy the product and not just because your favorite actor/actress is pitching their product.

Wake up PARENTS from being duped as you all know the person who is pitching the baked chip, stamina drink is DEFINITELY not eating or drinking it.He/she is there because of sheer hard work, balanced nutritious healthy eating and hours and hours of practise in the sport, activity or profession like acting.

Well the new saying is not only ” You are what you eat” but also “what you ate” because what you are fed in infancy, childhood, adolescence determines the health throughout your entire life. Infact what the mother eats when the foetus is in the womb also influences your health throughout your span of life. So watch out before you pop some ready to eat food/drink in your child’s and your mouth.

Make an INFORMED DECISION and do not be fooled by any more misleading ads as they are loaded with sugar,maida, hydrogenated fats,preservatives, food colorings and agents to increase shelf life.

Watch my posts as i will continue to write about FOOD – the sustenance of life.

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