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Up Again After Stroke

A lot is being spoken about the prevention of stroke. Almost everyone is aware of the risk factors and the discipline it demands to reduce the chances of occurrence of stroke. But when the stroke strikes, it is devastating.

This year’s theme on the ‘World Stroke Day’ is all about giving hope to them who have been through this catastrophe. The message is clear; proper awareness can create a huge difference in post-stroke life.

Here are five of the most important sequential measures of stroke management listed for everyone.

Step 1: Identification of stroke.
Suspect a stroke if there is sudden onset of any of these symptoms:

  • Arm weakness
  • Face deviation
  • Speech difficulty
  • Balance problem
  • Visual disturbance

Step 2: Once suspected, without wasting time rush the individual to the nearest dedicated centre for stroke for definitive management.

Step 3: Enrolling in the post stroke rehabilitation programme is at least as important as Step 2!

Step 4: Preventing the recurrence. Stroke can recur. Please adhere to the medicines, life-style modifications and dietary recommendations.

Step 5: Support the caregivers. Taking care of the stroke patients in their day to day lives is not easy. The care givers go through a lot of emotional, financial and physical stress. Make every effort to support them to prevent exhaustion among the caregivers.

If these steps are taken care of well, then one may surely help the individual to GET UP AGAIN AFTER A STROKE!

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