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You can now access renowned super-specialists at Brains Hospitals for consultation from anywhere in the world. The Bangalore-based Brains Hospital is an exclusive Neuro super-specialty Hospital wherein trusted experts will deliver state of the art care. This center has the most advanced fore fronting technology in addition. You can access the center for opinions or suggestions regarding treatment pertaining to complete range of Brain and spine conditions.

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How to take a picture of your X-rays/ MRIs/ CT Scans on your computer.
  • Step 1: Open a blank Word Document
  • Step 2: Ensure your screen is clean and no fingerprints on your scans
  • Step 4: Place your X-rays/ MRIs/ CT scans on the Word Doc on your monitor
  • Step 5: Take a picture on your cell phone of your screen and attach.
  • Or: Mount the film on a view box and shoot pictures of the images on your camera phone
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