24/7 Neuro Helpline


Freshly cooked vegetarian meals/snacks in our state-of-the-art kitchen in hygienic conditions are provided to all patients.

Morning beverages

7:00 am (IST)

Fruit Juice/ Butter Milk and salad

11:00 am (IST)


1:30 pm (IST)

Evening tea with snacks

4:00 pm (IST)


8:00 pm (IST)


9:00 pm (IST)

Patients on tube feeds like nasogastric PEG feeds are given feeds according to the advice of the Clinical Nutritionist.

International patients are given food according to their condition. Special cuisine requests are also accommodated.

Brain Voice Magazine

Brain Voice is the official magazine of Brains Hospital, started with an idea of generating awareness about the brain, spine, nervous system and its associated functions. The 24-page periodical is priced at Rs.30/-.

The subscription is Rs. 400/- per annum through post. The periodical has six articles in Kannada and five in English.