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Dr. Harsha K J

Dr. Harsha K J

Neuro Interventional Specialist, Stroke Specialist & Neuro Radiologist




European Master Stroke Medicine EMSM (Austria),

Clinical Stroke Fellow (Canada),

International Certification In Neurosonology (ESN),

Zurich Course In Neurointerventions (Switzer-Land)

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  • Dr Harsha is a highly qualified and experienced authority in stroke medicine, neuro-interventional sur-gery/endovascular neurosurgery, neuro-imaging and neuro-sonology. In a distinguished professional career traversing premier institutes in India, Canada and Austria, he has acquired cutting edge expertise in a wide range of specialties such as hyperacute stroke thrombolysis and neuro-interventional surgery. His repertoire as a specialist includes endovascular neurosurgery, interventional neurology, interventional neuro-radiology, mechanical thrombectomy for stroke, coiling of aneurysms, AVM management, carotid stenting, and intracranial stenting. He has independently performed about 100 major interventional surgeries and more than 3000 DSAs. Dr Harsha has keen interest in medical research and academics and has published articles in reputed pub-lications, including a self-audited success story of neuro-interventional surgery, which appeared in an inter-national journal.