24/7 Neuro Helpline


A branch of medicine that emerged in the 1980s neurocritical care deals with life-threatening diseases of the nervous system, involving the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Neurointensivists or specialists in this field come with training in diverse medical fields like neurology, anesthesiology, or neurosurgery. The neuro critical care unit at BRAINS is a multidisciplinary, tertiary intensive care unit primed to treat patients with serious and life-threatening diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.Besides dealing with critical illness of the nervous system, our neuro-intensivists treat the medical complications that may occur in their patients, including those of the heart, lung, kidneys or any other body system. Our extensive team of specialists works cohesively and treats the most challenging and difficult neurological conditions including tumors of the brain and spinal cord, large strokes, brain haemorrhage and traumatic brain injury. The department is designed to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive care possible to patients with neurological conditions, which necessitate urgent and intensive care medicine.