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Posted by on in Golden Hour

Big, powerful bikes are the stuff of youth dreams. Speed and style are what gets their adrenaline pumping. However, shouldn’t safety be a part of the ‘style’ statement? It should but is NOT. The shameful accident record of our cities shows that impressing girls with style and stunts is a far more important ethic for the ‘heroes’ who take to our roads than safety.

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  • Tvv
    Tvv says #
    It's heartening to read the experience. I have travelled widely and have experienced similar civic life and governance standards e
  • Achintya Pramod
    Achintya Pramod says #
    Nice article, Noticeable.

Posted by on in Golden Hour

Roads play a significant role in Safety. Regardless of how overpopulated a nation is, people will always be its most valuable resource and ensuring their safety has to be, therefore, a collective responsibility involving each one of us. First, our roads need to be engineered around clear, safety-oriented concepts and then its users must adhere to its rules and show compassion for fellow road users.

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In a huge but seldom talked about national tragedy, around 300 Indian soldiers die every year in road accidents during peace time, according to a just published newspaper report. Further, the report says that the force has lost as many as 6500 of its fully trained men in accidents since the 1999 Kargil conflict, twice as many as its death toll in each of the 1962, 1965 and 1971 wars.

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Today the whole world is celebrating World Health Day symbolizing the collaborative efforts of people around the world for good health.

The pattern of disease burden varies from country to country based on each nation’s level of development, ecology and social economic factors. It’s time developing countries created a common action plan in order to achieve global standards in health. In this regard it is essential for the whole world to work together by sharing protocols and processes and also enabling governments to play their roles in different countries. The entire process can be co-ordinated, facilitated and monitored by World Health Organization (WHO)

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Posted by on in Golden Hour

It is time to welcome the New Year with all enthusiasm. In a few hours from now we will be all ushering in 2015 and bidding farewell to 2014. As we do so let us collectively resolve to ensure that 2015 is a happy, healthy, safe, progressive and prosperous year. No doubt this needs celebration but certainly not at the cost of our safety. Let every individual celebrate this great moment and share the joy and festivity with all his friends and relatives—but SAFELY.

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Posted by on in Golden Hour

The death of Australian test batsman, the 25-year-old Philip Hughes, has sent shockwaves through the cricketing fraternity and beyond, evoking an unprecedented wave of grief from around the world. The question on every one’s mind is: Could his death have been averted? The answer is yes.

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The year was 2002. I had just arrived at the Geneva railway station from Zurich with my wife and 4-year-old daughter. We were looking for a taxi to take us to the hotel, a short distance away. Surprisingly, although there was a large fleet of taxis at the station, not one wanted to take us. Reason: none of them had a ‘child’ seat! Finally, as advised by a cabby, I walked it to the hotel with my daughter, even as my wife drove off in a taxi with our baggage.

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Mr Gopinath Munde died in a car crash on a clear Tuesday morning in the national capital sending shockwaves through his family, colleagues and a nation revelling in the birth of a new government. If there can be any blessing at all in such a tragic incident then it is this: Because Mr Munde was a minister and possibly a CM in-waiting, his death brought into sharp focus the country’s appalling road safety record with the media training its journalistic guns on an ignominious but globally acknowledged reality: On the safety scale, India is among the most dangerous for road users and, therefore, a holder of the WHO red-rating.

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When it comes to accidents, prevention is beyond doubt better than cure, particularly as the sort of intensive cure required to save the lives of accident victims is not available everywhere. And given how simple it is to ‘prevent’ an accident, it should neverreally happen, or happen very rarely as it does in the world’s safest cities where road manners are scrupulously followed. In the US city of Fort Collins in Colarado, accidents happen once in 14 years! But since we do not live in Fort Collins (roughly 250 fatal accidents happen in India every day), we need to be prepared at all times.

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Posted by on in Golden Hour

Though statistics do not always reveal the vital, these numbers are telling enough: With 4 million vehicles on its roads, India, on an average records as many as 90000 automobile-related deaths every year. The US on the other hand, despite a staggering vehicle population of 175 million (that is 43 times that of India) suffers only 39000 deaths in road mishaps. That is, in deaths per vehicle terms, the country fares 1022 worse than the US.

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Posted by on in Golden Hour


On the night of December 31, even as a new year lay in labour, ready for birth, hundreds of people died on roads all across the country, because they chose to drive after drinking. Under the heady influence of countless gallons of rum, whisky, gin and so on, these people had partied hard to welcome a year that they would never live to see, all because of an act that defies logic and leads to a one-way road to disaster. And so, in this week dedicated to road safety, come as it does in the shadow of yet another deathly New Year-eve, if there is one pledge you certainly must take then it is to never drive in a drunken state; doing so is a singularly stupid and irresponsible act—the sort of risk a sober mind would never imagine taking.

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  • viren sridhar
    viren sridhar says #
    This is an extremely informative and thought provoking blog. It should convince even the most diehard drunkard to not drive in a d

Posted by on in Golden Hour

Seven time world champion and F-1 racing legend Michael Schumacher came within a blink of dying a shattering death as his head slammed into a rock after he crashed headlong down a snowy run at the Meribel Ski Resort in the French Alps on Monday. "We put him on induced coma to give him his best chance to live," said Dr. Jean-Francois Payen, an anesthesiologist at the Grenoble University Hospital Center where the racing superstar is fighting for his life.

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